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Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton


  • A FREE preliminary inspection of your upholstery to determine the best cleaning method.
  • A FREE fully detailed quotation.
  • An honest opinion of the likely end result of our cleaning
  • We pre-test to ensure your furniture will not shrink or the colours fade or run.
  • We vacuum all cushions and carcass prior to cleaning
  • We pre treat with an Organic cleaning solution which breaks down soiling and removes most stains.
  • We rinse the cleaning solution from the upholstery with clean water only.
  • We post-treat any residual stains
  • We leave no dirt attracting residues.
  • We TURBO DRY all cushions
  • We perform a final inspection with you to make sure your happy with the results.
  • We leave you with fresh clean upholstery
  • We have another satisfied customer


Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton

Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton

We are experts in the field of upholstery cleaning.

Soft furnishings are perhaps one of the largest cash investments you will make in your home. Regular cleaning by a qualified Churchill technician will not only keep them looking good but will also extend the life of any fabric saving you money in the long term.

Most furniture being used regularly by a family will need cleaning approximately every 2 years to maintain its appearance.

No matter what type of upholstery fabric you have we have the expertise and the cleaning system to tackle even the most difficult of jobs. Should your suite look a little old and stained a proper, thorough clean by Churchill will freshen and revitalise it.

Our technicians brighten fabric colours and remove any of those niggling spots or stains that have built up over the years.

Different fabrics require different cleaning methods to achieve the desired results. Some fabrics can be wet cleaned without any problems while others will shrink or bleed colour if water is applied and will need to be cleaned by another method.

This is why at Churchill we always provide a FREE preliminary inspection of your furniture to make sure that the correct cleaning method will be used and that we can achieve the results that you expect.


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Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton
Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton
Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton
Carpet Cleaning Wolverhampton
Upholstery Cleaning Wolverhampton
Leather Cleaning Wolverhampton

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